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Welcome to Permaculture Kernow.

We are dedicated to empowering individuals, communities and businesses alike, to create sustainable and resilient living systems through the principles and practices of permaculture.

Our courses offer wide range of learning experiences, combining theory with practical applications, in order to equip you with a tool kit of the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement your own permaculture projects.

Join us on a journey of discovery and make a positive impact on the world around you.

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An indepth foundation in Permaculture design

Giving a deep understanding of Permaculture and how to apply it to any specific landscape of climate


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Upon completion of this course, you will receive the internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate from the

Along side the on demand Course we are running weekly live group evening session plus a monthly One to One that you can attend at your convinence, once you have booked onto our course you will receive an invite for these live sessions,


Permaculture ethics;

approaches to design;

guiding principles of Permaculture;


learning and study strategies;

pattern in design;

wilderness and wildlife;

evidence / why we need Permaculture.

Cultivated Ecology:

Permanent pasture;

forest gardens;

horticultural techniques;

no-till cultivation;

biological pest control.


Strategies for different climates;


buildings and structures;

urban Permaculture;

appropriate technology;

waste reduction;

the home and workplace;

energy-efficient planning;

waste recycling and disposal.


What is Living Soil?;

Soil regeneration techniques and soil conservation.

Water in Landscape:

What is living water?;

water conservation, collection and storage;

wastewater and sewage treatment;


Forests and Trees:

Energy transactions of trees;

woodland establishment;

types of forest;

woodland management.

Invisible Structures:

Real wealth;

land access;

formal/informal economy;

community development strategies.

Design Workshop:

The design process and presentation skills;

maps and overlays;


project planning.

And much, much more.

Course list

Course 1: An Introduction to Permaculture

Course 2: Permaculture Methods of design

Course 3: Patterns in Nature and in Design

Course 4: Bio Intensive Permaculture

Course 5: Permaculture Food Forest Gardening

Course 6: Permaculture Living soils

Course 7: Permaculture Living water

Course 8: Permaculture Animal Systems

Course 9: Permaculture People

Course 10: Permaculture Designer’s Preparation

Course 11: Permaculture Design presentations and accreditation

“Permaculture is the design of regenerative, self-sustaining and resilient natural systems that fulfils all aspects of human needs, such as food, shelter, health, social, cultural and psychological needs whilst acknowledging and providing for the needs of all species within our ecosystem and caring for the Earth.” Joshua Gomez,

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Graduate student's Permaculture design work example!

Making a change person by person and garden by garden.

Permaculture Kernow is a newly formed Community interest company with a mission to educate individuals on the

regeneration of natural resources and the local environment.

We focus much of our efforts on those from deprived communities and ecosystems, teaching them all aspects of permaculture and enabling them to make real positive changes in their own lives and those of their community.

So whether you are looking to join one of our courses, become a member and help out for our free dig-ins, pledge land for the creation of a community garden or just read about what we are up to and maybe support our efforts by making a donation.

All are welcome to Permaculture Kernow!

Or maybe you have already done a permaculture design course with us,

if so, feel free to support us by giving your feedback on how you felt it went!

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This is the final design presentation for three students of our Permaculture Design course. They are presenting a design for an educational community garden that we will be creating next to Millbrook school. It will act as a school educational garden for the children, and is also open to the community when the school is closed. After this presentation, the students were awarded the permaculture design certificate.

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